Thursday, November 5, 2015

We are going to camp in Argentina

This is Mike...
We have decided to buy camping equipment in Argentina and rough it for a while for a change of pace. There are some other entries over the past few days that we still need to input but the internet is so slow they will have to be uploaded at a later date.
   Elise decided to give camping a go after reading some info in a travel book and after meeting other campers. The kids of course were super excited about the possibility of camping so we figured if we were going to do this, now is the time. We spent about $700 on some equipment and still have some more buying to do after last night's experience. We now realize after our first night of camping we still need to buy some comfort items like a stove, and a thick Temperpedic mattress for example.
   Let me breakdown yesterday's camping realities. We bought a 4 person double tent (two tents conjoined by a covered middle area). It all seemed so easy at the store, then 3 hours and a 100 miles later we were at our campsite and realized our tent had ZERO instructions. We wrestled with the tent for nearly an hour and a half before I broke down and walked the walk of shame and asked a fellow camper for some help. Thankfully, for us, he saw this type of tent before and knew how to put it together. We finally got the tent up and I only ripped the side once erecting it (nothing duct tape couldn't fix). Once the tent was finished our kitty and the kids quickly jumped in their section of the tent and all was good.
   We heard that the Argentinians like to eat late but seeing it in action is truly amazing. Restaurants in this little pueblo of Cachi opened for dinner between 8 and 9 pm. There was also a community fiesta 80 feet from our campsite which started at 10:30pm till whenever. The pueblo was as alive as any New Year's Eve and it was a Wednesday evening in the middle of nowhere. As a perfect finale for the evening, when Elise and I went into our tent for the evening she blurted, "Wow... Gosh, is that stench your crotch or your feet?" We both had a good long and uncontrollable laugh and realized that camping is going to be very different from what we had been doing over the past 9 months.

The infamous tent with two sides and zero instructions.

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  1. I am giggling at this post. The adventures definitely continue for y'all! I hear cocoa leaves under the nose can block most stenches. :-)