Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3 hours from Mendoza

This is Elise.  I think we are in San Juan but the park signs say Santa Lucia so I am not sure where we are.  Yesterday the drive was long and tiring.  I am having a terrible time adjusting to Argentina.  I am exhausted and trying to book a good place in Mendoza to recuperate.  Not easy to book a place in a foreign city on short notice for a family of four.  We had hoped to have a nice kitchen to make a Thanksgiving meal but all the kitchen are very small European style kitchens.  We will most likely just camp tonight but campgrounds are not as easy to find on the internet and all the information is in Spanish.  Still trying to recover from our last campground where people kept the music pumping until 8am.  Yes, AM, as in all night long.  I was a hair's breath away from screaming at them.
Yesterday, we were in a national park at 3pm and tried to see the fossil exhibit.  Cerrado.  Closed.  We tried to visit wineries in Cafayate in the afternoon.  Cerrrado. No hours listed.  Things don't always open in the evening either.
The place we finally found last night is close to a wonderful park with a great playground, cheap, good ice cream and a great produce store.  Things are looking up.  Mendoza is supposed to be quite nice.  We need a bigger city to get a new tire for the car and do some shopping.  The places we have been are too small to have a decent supermarket.  We couldn't even find any firewood.

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