Thursday, November 26, 2015

A special treat for the girls

This is Mike...
The girls have decided to fly home and I will continue on to Uruguay by myself to try and sell the car. Since Elise and the girls were flying first class back to the states I wanted them to look their very best so I arranged for the three of them to have their hair styled at Santiago's best Salon, Saloon2, just before their flight. Sierra and Zoe were so animated and visibly happy during their stylings that I wish I would have done this earlier for them. Elise was an old pro and knew what to expect and she even enjoyed it. I guess a half hour scalp massage and shampooing before a cut and style is a good thing.

That is the look of relaxation.

After the shampooing and scalp massage Sierra went to her chair.

A young lady and her salon treatment.

The finished look.

Zoe was relaxed and enjoyed the scrubbing.

There was a DJ playing house music at the salon.


The finished product.

Last to have her hair cut was Elise, the girls hung out with her and had a nice chat.

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