Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mercado Central de Santiago

This is Mike...
With daily deliveries from the Pacific coast, Mercado Central is the hub of Santiago's fresh fish scene. The Victorian era cast iron roof with all of its ornate detail is a pretty cool sight to see as well. However, the real draw for this place though, is the seafood and throngs of locals and tourists alike flock here for the good eats. The food at the restaurants is not cheap but seeing that I have yet to quench my cravings for both crab and ceviche is worth the expense. The fresh fish vendors are oriented around the center eating area and restaurants. The whole place smells like a fish cleaning station, and in a weird way adds to the overall ambiance.
We are happy to have Elise's friend, Lia, with us again on this trip to enjoy Santiago's classy and quirky neighborhoods. For us, we started out Lia's stay in Santiago on a good note, at the Mercado Central and dove right into a whole King crab with all the trimmings with an awesome Peruvian style ceviche for an appetizer. It was really nice to see Elise and Lia having such good time at lunch.   

Sierra thought the seafood displays were amazing at the central market.

Elise and Lia by the fountain in Central Market.

My Sierra did not like to see the fish named Sierra for sale.

King crab and a local crab bound up ready for sale at the market.

Lia and Elise getting ready to enjoy a wonderful lunch.

Lia was so happy when the crab arrived and as you can see it was a monster.  

The freshest fish available at the best prices.

For future reference don't wear a white shirt when eating crab and ceviche. 

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