Monday, November 23, 2015

La Bodega Concha y Toro

This is Mike...
The Concha y Toro winery is located about 25 kilometers from downtown Santiago and makes for a great day trip from town. Reservations are a must for the wineries in Chile which is unlike other wine growing regions where you can just show up and indulge. The cost of admission per adult was 12,000 pesos which converts to around $15 US, the kids were free. The admission buys you a tour of the grounds, tour of the cellars, and 3 generous pourings of vino.
   One of the more special aspects of the wine tour was our visit to Concha y Toros premium wine locker or cellar. The Casillero, is their 170 year old wine cellar which is massive even by today's standards. In the late 1850's the casillero was stuffed with wine and thus a possible target for theft, and that is when a legend was born. It was then told, the Devil lived in the cellar and watched over the wine. The legend grew over time and later became the name of one of their signature wines, Casillero del Diablo (locker of the Devil). For us, visiting the winery was a trifecta, the kids enjoyed the legend, the adults enjoyed the wine, and we all enjoyed the lunch.

An inviting archway into the family compound.

The manicured grounds of the winery.

The girls love roses.

The residence is approximately 40,000 square feet (4,100 square meters) with 22 bedrooms.

Lia loved the wine tour.

The Cellar had a nice light show while explaining the legend.

El Casillero (the locker) with a silhouette of the Devil on the back wall.

The exclusive wines are aged in the locker under the watchful eye of the Devil.

A wonderful lunch at a great winery.

The working vineyard.

These young grapes just starting out in early spring will one day make delicious wine.

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