Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Santiago is a beautiful city

This is Mike...
   As most of you know by now we are not "Big city" people and prefer smaller towns with less congestion. However, as cities go, Santiago is fantastic. It is not a cheap city nor terribly expensive it is somewhere in the middle. The weather is close to perfect but smog can be an issue in the heat of summer. The city has a newer subway system and good bus routes but still suffers terrible gridlock. The people are cosmopolitan and educated and in our opinion less friendly than some other places we have visited. Yet the cities charm, diversity, and cleanliness make it a wonderful place to visit. With wineries just outside the city limits, clean city parks and many free museums to enjoy, Santiago is a user friendly place. If you have ever pondered visiting Santiago I hope these pictures encourage you to do so. Get a rental car and drive through the countryside, as this place has your name on it.      

Entrance is free at the museum of fine art

Neoclassical architecture abounds in the city.

This French cafe borders a playground making it convenient for moms to enjoy a glass of wine while watching their kids kill each other on the playground.

Nice well maintained playground in the center of the city.

Modern skyline can be seen from some of the parks in town.

The walkway up to the zoo was in full bloom.

The girls got to see the elephant splash in the water.

On lunch patrol looking for the perfect outdoor cafe.

Every Sunday, in most Latin American cities, the streets in downtown are shuttered for the exclusive enjoyment of non-motorized transport. The streets go silent and the families come out to have fun and exercise.

The Sunday road closure culture is one of the many aspects of the Latin lifestyle we enjoy

Every Sunday is pedestrian and bike friendly from 9am to 2pm.

The trees are in bloom in spring.

An attractive government building.

Lia and the girls having fun being tourists for a day.

The original firefighter building in downtown.

Old and new blend nicely.

Large mural above the Bellas Artes metro station.

Some of these murals are 60 feet (20 meters) wide and tall.

Coming home with Sushi for dinner

Clean streets, nice buildings, and people on the go.

Outdoor cafe culture is alive and well in Santiago.

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