Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chilecito - the overnight stop

This is Mike...
 Driving to Chilecito was easy enough, but long, some of the views were nice but in the end it was a stop on the road. Some people go to the ghost town and mine canals of La Mexicana but we chose not to as it would have been an eleven hour tour with elementary aged kids - a definite NO GO.  

"El Dragon Del Amor" was on the back of this beat up car. I want to get this quote on a shirt :) 

Spring in the air.

The backyard of the place we stayed at.

Like Tucson but a tad bit greener.

Because of the siesta gas lines are common in Argentina.

Credit agencies are having a field day in Argentina, because goods are getting more expensive people need credit to buy staples. This is sad truly sad to see, so many people need credit to live.

The mountains around the desert were filled with snow.