Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mike's Mexico Drive

 Downtown San Miguel de Allende

A bus lost control and almost flipped over during the rains near Cordoba

 That is snow on a volcano just east of Ciudad de Mexico
 The grounds of Palenque Ruins

This Elise. When we were planning this trip we wanted to go to Mexico but we got scared off from all the travel warnings and scary stories you hear.  Also Mexico is such a big country with long distances to drive that we thought it might be hard on the kids. The Mexican American border area is considered the most dangerous. So we decided it would be safer and easier if Mike drove through the majority of the country and we would fly to Cancún and meet him there.
So at this point Mike is in Palenqué in the state of Chiapas.  He is stopping there to see the Mayan ruins before continuing on to Merida in the Yucatan. He should be able to reach his destination of Tulúm by check in time Friday. The hardest part of the journey is over, which was the border crossing, and the areas around Mexico City with all the traffic and confusing roads. He will be relieved to be able to unload the 4Runner.
He has been checking in with me every night and telling about his drive. It has been a diffucult journey for him. His gps has gotten him lost frequently. The roads are poorly marked and hazardous. He has had trouble finding a safe place to stay sometimes and driven much later than he wanted to.  I have been wondering if we should have gone with him.   We all miss him a lot.
We are grateful to all our friends and neighbors who gave us a memorable going away party.   Special thanks to the Anderson's for hosting and the Longeneckers for the flamenco guitarist. Mike could hardly get out of the driveway on Saturday with all the people here to wish him good- bye. He is a special person to have so many people love him.  I am grateful to have lived in such a great community. We have something rare and special here.


  1. I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing the adventures!

  2. I can't figure this new-fangled program to save my life. I will just be nameless and have to start each post as follows:

    Breaker, breaker 1,2,3,4 (For Mike, Elise, Sierra and Zoe)
    This is Mia knocking at your front door!

    Dad, these are really colorful pics of the buildings and the streets are wide enough to handle my unique form of driving with the top of my thigh. It is as if you are in a foreign country in some of them!

    I am glad that you told us that the bus ran off of the road. I really thought it had a flat. Yeah, one person jacked a whole bus up for one tire. Hey, I'm a girl and I can't help it if boys wouldn't think it was possible. Ladies are delicate and most importantly SMART AND CREATIVE. So, even though I thought of it, I am smart enough not to create more of a problem by trying to fix the bus.