Friday, November 13, 2015

Maipu and wine culture

This is Mike...
Wine culture is either in you or it isn't. For us, it is within us big time. We went to the large city of Mendoza ate lunch and decided to stay for 3 nights in the quiet area of Maipu. The choice was a good one and the girls experienced wineries and olive production first hand. The slow paced midday relaxation was just what the doctor ordered. In Argentina, most places are closed during midday so we appreciated how the wineries here stayed open for the tourists, most of whom are used to a different schedule. The weather was a mixed bag and one night there was a tempest of a storm and in the morning there was big snow storm in the mountains which provided a photogenic backdrop to the vineyards. For those of you considering visiting Mendoza, it is a metropolis whereas Maipu is only 16 kilometers away and is a small town. Don't feel pressured on where to stay, you can decide which is best for you when you arrive.  

Grape vines growing up the side of the church was quite a sight.

Vineyards everywhere.

The snow was amazing when we woke up in the morning.

The wine barrel pose.

The girls making fun of "gross wine" in the main lobby of a winery.

Zoe showing her "Street side" was quite a hit at the elegant tasting.

The all important wine tasting.

Places for relaxing abound in Maipu.

Sierra enjoyed a Tempura style chicken with a delicious salad.

Zoe is not just a tree hugger, she is a tree kisser.

Maipu square is a well manicured place to hang out and every bit as beautiful as Napa or Sonoma.

A spectacular lunch overlooking vineyards and olive groves, can it get any better?

Sierra enjoyed the manicured beauty of the grounds.

The olive trees here were massive and proven producers.
The olive producing area was very nice.

Olive tasting was as elegant as wine tasting.

Big olive trees.

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