Sunday, November 1, 2015

Puritama hot springs

This is Mike...
The Altiplano is hard to describe because I have never seen anything like it. The stark beauty, vastness and desolation separate it from anything we've seen before. Even Alaska is no comparison to these mystical highlands. The geologic aspects alone make it a wanderer's paradise let alone the native American treasures located within the area. We spent the day lounging at the Puritama hots springs, with its crystal clear warm waters and relaxed atmosphere. This was a treat for the adults after Halloween. The hot springs are not overly touristy and are relatively easy to get to from San P. de A. I would not say the springs were hot, rather a decent warm. So going on a cold winter's day might not be advisable as partaking in the springs might be cooler than you think. The kids loved playing in the crystal clear waters and catching the small minnows in the water. The setting is extraordinary with the parched cliffs dotted with indigenous ruins. It is, in every respect, like visiting an oasis.
The road to Puritama hot springs had scenic vistas

Hot spring waterfalls anybody?

We all enjoyed the crystal clear warm waters of Puritama.

There was a nice ledge for us to relax on.

A picture is a thousand words.

Though there are other people enjoying the site, it was not busy in the least.

Zoe caught a minnow.

Absolute relaxation.

Each of the pools only had a few visitor in them.

The easy hike down on a good path.

Late spring over here and the flowers are in bloom.

Cacti in the high plains with a gorgeous mountain view in the background.

20 plus foot cactus abound in this area.

The girls liked walking on the wooden deck in the valley between the pools.

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