Sunday, November 1, 2015

San Pedro de Atacama is a cool town.

This is Mike...
We like San Pedro de Atacama a lot, the town has a slow paced, educated, worldly vibe about it. We like the fact that it is a solid walking community with cordoned off streets to traffic thus allowing people gingerly walk and talk with each other while walking down the  street. We happened to have arrived on Halloween night at 7 pm, so the moment we pulled into our hotel the kids got their masks on and trick or treated right outside on our street. We were accepted with open arms by all the Chilean families who saw the two blond girls with masks saying "Halloween, Halloween" instead of "Trick or Treat" like we do in the US. As it turns out San P. de. A. as it is known around here is one of our favorite place on the journey so far. As my wife indicated in an earlier blog we picked up a kitten, who has since, been named "Pumpkin." We are still trying to sort out the logistics of this venture but as they say, "It is what it is." Besides, after almost losing my daughter last week I would adopt a potbellied pig to erase the scars of that event.

The kids wanted to celebrate Halloween so badly, we are happy that San P. de A. could oblige.

Kids are kids all around the world.
All of the moms walking with the kids looking for candy just like back home.

We had dinner in a cool eclectic place called Barros restaurant. 

This church reminded me of the Adobe church in Albuquerque N.M.

The main square in San P. de A. is quite inviting.

Lunch in a rustic location with super cool people all around.

The town is subdued and not overrun with people.

Many locals out and about shopping on Sunday afternoon.

The original "barbed wire" on this Adobe wall were thorny sticks.

The kids are so happy with "Pumpkin" the kitten.

Sierra playing mommy.

Pumpkin in a pumpkin, can it be?

Play till you drop for these two.

It is so dry here they actually have mud roofs.

Decorative walls made of Adobe bricks.

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