Friday, November 6, 2015

Beautiful drive to Cachi

This is Mike...
The drive up the hill to Cachi from Salta is simply beautiful. The closest comparison we can give is the mountain up to the top is like the Sonora desert with a dry forest mix of mesquite and other deciduous trees. The cacti are so tall and the underbrush so thick that it reminded us of what we missed so much in Ecuador and Peru, Trees!
   Cachi is a cool little town that has what you need and where the concept of time is meaningless. For such a humble pueblo there are a lot of high-end visitors. From what we've heard affluent people from Buenos Aires take short and quick vacations out here to get away from it all. Translation - this small town of 2,500 is an eclectic space for all.

We passed through a national park to get to Cachi.

Springtime for the cacti as well.

The green valley of Cachi.

The main square in town.

You can eat street-side in the square if you like.


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