Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PriceSmart Managua

This is Mike...
   Nothing says lovin' like spending a thousand dollars in one trip at Price Smart, which is Costco down here. For those of you familiar with Costco you know it is a place to stock up on the essentials like cheeses, paper products, and meats among other things. For us the shopping trip was a little different in that we needed kitchen items and other home goods as well. Thus, the big expense for us was not just food items but household necessities. We were there midday on a Monday while our kids were in school which was also a great time to be at Costco to avoid the crowds. Some prices were higher, some were lower but I think all-in-all we may have spent 15% more than back home. The meats however, were super cheap with Filet Mignon selling for $4.50 a pound. No joke, $4.50 a pound! That is significantly cheaper than back in the states.     

Bulk shopping and good prices.

The food court is always a favorite visit.

Kirkland merchandise even in Nicaragua.

Typical Costco layout

Filet Mignon for $4.50 a pound.

Stuffed trunk

Stuffed back seat of our car.

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