Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bomb threat in downtown Santiago

This is Mike...
Yesterday a block away, less than 120 yards, from our apartment was a major bomb threat which shut down the main tourism corridor in Santiago for several hours. People evacuated their busy workplaces in the affected skyscraper and filled the streets. Concern and frustration were palpable and many people were talking about Paris at what is going on in Europe. Though this threat had nothing to do with what's happening in Europe I was amazed just how "On edge" everyone was. Cities are particularly vulnerable to this kind of stuff, as one threat, like yesterday can shut down streets and snarl traffic for 6 million people.

People were nice to each other on the street but based on the discussions I overheard they are losing patience with humanity and are very frustrated with the modern world.

Police shut down the streets and I got stuck in the traffic for nearly 2 hours sadly I only had to drive a few hundred yards to get home.

I was impressed with how professional the bomb squad was.

The bomb removal expert in the center was wiped down and checked for residue by his colleagues.

There were multiple canine units on the scene sniffing the onlookers in case the perpetrator was in the crowd watching the mayhem.

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