Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nighttime stroll in Santiago

This is Mike...
Nighttime is usually bedtime in our household but since we had Lia in town visiting we modified our routine a bit. We decided to see the city by night by strolling around the Plaza de Armas and surroundings. The crowds thin out considerably at night but fun is still to be had. There were random gatherings of comedians, musicians and street vendors. At one street music location a Salsa dance occurred. Lia and Sierra started to dance and before you knew it they got Zoe and Elise to dance while I took pictures. It was nice to see them having fun, dancing on the street to curvy passionate music with other fun loving strangers.  

The group of people in the distance is laughing to a comedian's jokes.

Mobile BBQ wagon with chicken strips and hot dogs

Sierra just adores Lia and looks up to her as a great role model.

Dancing and random fun.

The moon above this building was just too cool.

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