Sunday, November 29, 2015

Colonia, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento is a wonderful colonial city on the waters of Rio Plata just across from Buenos Aires. This is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. In fact, as I am typing this entry, I am listening to a guitarist play wonderful tango music behind me while an older couple could not resist the romantic tunes and started dancing next to me. In front of me is, a view of Rio Plata with its cool breezes blowing on my shade covered face. These are the moments that time forgot, or will never let you forget. Either way the jazzy beat of the music creates a dreamy landscape of a bygone era. The only thing missing here are my girls.

The outdoor cafe is life here.

A view towards the pier.

Boats in the Rio Plata's brown waters.

Two fish driving a car :)

Beautiful colors

Lazy days in the pedestrian friendly area.

Restaurants getting ready for the lunch rush.

The historic entrance to the city.

Beautiful homes set among the gardens.

Delightful colors on wonderful buildings.

This is a very special place indeed.

Elegant charm abounds in the city.

The art gallery is lucky to enjoy the shade of a tree.

Bougainvillea make the walls extra colorful.

Dining under the church in the afternoon is so nice.

Like it has been for a hundred years.

The lighthouse is a gathering point
I loved the outdoor cafes in the town.

Down the cobblestone to Rio Plata.

Wonderful little boutiques for browsing and shopping.

The colors of old town remind me of Cartagena, Colombia but not as warm.


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