Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mercedes, Uruguay

I was able to cross the international bridge into Uruguay and made a stop in the small town of Mercedes for the night. The town was ideal in every way, my wife joked with me prior to flying home saying, "Watch, Uruguay is going to be gorgeous and I left just before seeing it." Well, she was right, Uruguay is gorgeous and such a quaint clean country. I guess she and the kids will have to fly back one day to check it out. For anyone interested in visiting an "Easier" South American country, this is it. It is safe, clean and the people are wonderful why not come down for visit. I have to say though, it is not cheap here. In fact, I hear Uruguay is the most expensive country in South America and with gas at $6 a gallon I can hardly argue.

Walk-able little downtown centers are awesome.

Town squares are clean and the aroma of flowers is everywhere.

Not a lot of traffic when gas is $6 a gallon.

You could literally buy all you need by walking around the block here.

It looked like Kansas here except for the palms :)

The wildflowers are reminiscent of Texas

They have tree lined highways here just because they are beautiful. Pretty cool, huh?

Water is abundant in Uruguay as the elevation is less than 350 above sea level.

This would have been a perfect place to enjoy the river with my wife.

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