Friday, November 6, 2015


This is Mike...
Salta, for us, was a nice elegant big city. We are not sure if that is our opinion because of where we are coming from or that it is truly a nice city. Our opinion on Argentina will for sure require more time than just a few days. We have had very few rain days on our journey to date so when it started raining in Salta we were ambivalent but after a night we decided to go to the mountains west of the city where it was sunny and dry. This is also when we decided to buy camping supplies and explore a different side of Argentina.

Street food junkies.

The plaza de Armas of Salta.

The main cathedral

Garden-like setting in downtown.

Classy Europeanesque pedestrian streets.

We enjoyed the city energy while we were there.

A wine kiosk in the middle of a mall. Now that is Argentina for you.

With the Blue Dollar exchange rate at 15 pesos to a dollar this extra large bottle of Stella is a steal :)


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