Friday, November 13, 2015

Ruins of Quilmes

This is Mike...
We finally got decent internet and can properly update the blog. For whatever reason we have had really really bad internet in Argentina as a result a few of the recent posts were haphazardly put together with limited explanation etc. Also, this post, the ruins of Quilmes is out of sinc, and should just after the Cafayate post.
   The ruins of Quilmes are the largest pre-colombian ruins in Argentina and as such are an important site for the country to maintain. The area itself is very similar to Tucson and as fate would have it, we met people from Tucson at this site who own several wineries in the area. The drive out here is easy and only 5K off the main highway. This place is very picturesque and peaceful, we give it a must see if you are in the area.

The beauty of a 20 foot tall cactus.

These walls are over 1500 yeas old.

A small settlement of about 5000 people lived here.

The peoples here made an arid area green with water diversion.

Some of the rocks had more significance than others like these entrance rocks.

The original artwork on the rock walls.

A prayer rock mound.

The settlement is a still only sparsely visited and very peaceful.

The indigenous peoples were amazing craftsman in their environments.

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