Sunday, November 1, 2015

Valle de Luna

 This is Mike...
   Valle de Luna is much more than a nighttime vista of the stars that most visitors think. By day, this place is God's pottery barn, however this pottery take millions of years to make and the weathering of time is its paint. The landscape here is so surreal, and I so small, that words only get in the way.

The wonders are easily viewed from the main highway into town.

This is a huge valley of beauty.

The winds of time sculpt these cliffs.

The colors of the walls change with the angle of the sun.

The size of these cliffs are enormous.

I had to stop on the main highway just to take a picture.

The white in this picture is salt accumulating on the slopes.

It is so cool driving over here.

Mud, water and time make such beautiful creations.

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