Thursday, November 12, 2015

The drive from Cachi to Cafayate

This is Mike...
The drive from Cachi to Cafayate runs about 3 and a half hours unless your tire explodes like our than the drive runs about 5 and a half hours. The scenery is peacefully serene and beautiful, just as we had heard. There are places to stay between the towns in the event you decide to stay in the sticks. The road is 90 percent gravel and 5 percent poorly paved and 5 percent perfectly paved. At no time did we engage the four-wheel drive so a two wheel drive car would suffice. We did blow out our side wall in our rear tire though, so driving here is not without risks. Once we stopped to change the tire, there were multiple people who stopping to help us, which we appreciated, considering we were in the middle of now where. There were two Argentinian men riding high-end Harley motorcycles that first approached us and they were in every way the men that appear on the cover of my wife's romance novels. Both men spoke that sexy Latin English with the distinctively elegant accent, they spoke slowly, deliberately and with purpose. Their hair was wavy and long their chest broad, they were riding for leisure and were not rushed. They both had that wealthy clean cut five O'clock shadow and as it happened they had one of their many delivery trucks trailing them. Javier, on the lead bike said, if we need anything at all to stop the delivery truck. Elise was, needless to say, very appreciative and as for me I was standing there like a day old ham sandwich. I understood my wife, like any spouse after a decade, she deserved a little eye candy. In the end, the drive was beautiful, ruined tire and all.


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