Friday, February 20, 2015


Finally made it to the beach

Mike has safely reached his destination !!  We will post photos later. The girls and I fly to Cancún early tomorrow morning where mike will pick us up. Mike drove 2270 miles to get here and got lost a few times on the road. In the end all was well though. This is Mike after arriving to the ocean in Riviera Maya.


  1. I'm happy that you all arrived safely. Big hugs from Germany, Christine

  2. Hola, Stock family. So happy to know that all of you arrived safely in Tulum. I can see from the photos that everyone seems to be enjoying the beautiful blue waster and the relaxing atmosphere. Elise, I know you we're probably second guessing yourself when the sink broke, along with the air mattresses. I'm sure it was a combination of exhaustion, nerves and the unknown. I actually chuckled when I read things will only get better. Take care, safe travels and post photos when you can. Adios, Stephanie Smolik