Monday, August 31, 2015

Santa Rosa de Cabal hotsprings

This is Desi...
We are really happy to be here and having the chance to join this great trip for a few days. Today we went to some hot springs. The water was just lovely and the landscape really beautiful. The girls really enjoyed the water and seemed to have big fun though. It's great seeing them having a great time. The Colombians around were impressed by their beautiful blond hair and couldn't stop watching us. Maybe they were also wondering if Mike has three wifes and two kids :).
Even though I've just met these four, it really feels like family. They really make you feel welcome and are really special people. I'm so glad we decided to come here and I would love to travel a bit further with them. What they are doing is just amazing and you really can learn a lot from their experiences. Hopefully we can meet the Stock family another time,different place.
Thanks to the four of you for letting us participating in your adventure and providing such a pleasant stay for us!
Out for a nice walk, up the valley to the cascades and hot springs. Elise decided to stay home because she was tired from driving the day before.

Our girls liked the scenic walk and the water falls

We adopted Daisy into our family, now we are all cousins :)

Zoe and Dani saying, "We like it this much!"

There was a restaurant at the top which made it convenient for when the kids got hungry

Just a relaxing afternoon in the warm springs.

Daisy and the girls at the entrance of a small cave

I enjoyed looking up the cascades for a different perspective

Flower children :)

My kids passed out on the way home. You know they had fun when they end up like this.

The girls decided to Hike a trail less traveled

We had a great day together 

Chillin' with Zoe

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