Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My SUV was hurt in the container

This is Mike...
The tail end of my SUV got injured in travel as the tie straps that were supplied in Panama loosened and the BMW motorcycle slammed into and rubbed the rear of my SUV. The right rear tail light cracked and does not work either. Right now I need to fix the tail light before driving deeper into the country. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the metal damage and whether or not to repair it.

Addendum - Sept 7th, I got fully reimbursed for the repair work to my SUV from Boris. Considering we are in different countries, and all that had to be done, the reimbursement was quick and efficient. I am very happy with how the process went. (see later posts for info on the repairs) 
Driver's side rear damage from the handle of the motorcycle
The harbor employee inspecting the vehicle.
The Passenger side rear had most of the damage including the busted tail light.
Aye Ca-rumba, getting it on both sides. We are going to try and fill out a claim form from Colombia in Panama. We will keep you informed as to how the repair/claim goes.

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