Sunday, August 23, 2015

Horseback riding

This is Mike...
Horseback riding today was better than I thought it would be. My past experiences with horseback riding have been mostly disappointing with a slow moving guides, biting flies, etc. Today was different partially because of the stunning scenery. Elise and I were discussing how this place looked like Colorado when all of the sudden we turned a corner and it looked tropical with palm trees and bamboo patches. There aren't too many places left that can amaze you like this place can. The lower Andes is a richly diverse place and we are happy that the Colombian government is taking steps to preserve what it has left. Oh, and by the way, my horse was still an old nag.
A nice river cutting through the valley and yes it did have large fish in it
Elise was able to gallop ahead and enjoy the serenity.
Vaqueros one and all.
Crossing a strange wobbly footbridge is always nerve racking at first.
The waterfall at the end of the trail tops off the journey.
Nothing says "15 foot drop" more than a wobbly swaying bridge.
We crossed many rivers on our journey.
Many locals lining up to sign in for a hike.
This particular view reminded me of Spessart forest, Germany
This Brazilian plans on overlanding from Brazil to Alaska.
We love cruising around in this rig.

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