Thursday, August 13, 2015

Women in Cartagena

This is Elise.  The Colombian women have a reputation of being beautiful.  They definitely know how to dress to make themselves attractive.  I see them tottering along the uneven pavement in gorgeous platform shoes and exquisite, expensive clothes.  There are exclusive boutiques selling amazing gowns with street vendors on the sidewalk selling cheap, souvenir purses. Very tight pants with very high heels seem to be the outfit of choice. I feel very dowdy in my travel clothes that are starting to get worn out.  We tried to replenish our wardrobe but didn't really find anything we liked as much as our Target t-shirts. The clothes here are not sized for our more robust American bodies.  No XXL shirts for Mike.  It didn't help that my shirt was soaked with sweat after walking to the stores so I didn't even want to put my own wet shirt back on.  I know it is in the triple digits in Texas now but it still feels hotter here.  We are close to the equator so the sun is intense and the humidity is high.
Mike has been out getting the car at the port while I hang out with the girls.  On Tuesday Mike said that the port offices close at five and he would be back shortly after that.  7pm rolls around and he still isn't back.  It's dark.  Very few people speak English.  I don't even know if his cell phone is working. Where could he be?  What should I do if he isn't back at 8 or 9?  There was really nothing to do but wait.  We were getting very worried.  Finally at 7:30pm he returns.  A lady at the office stayed late to help him.  It was a strange experience of not knowing what to do when your spouse is missing in a foreign country.

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