Monday, August 17, 2015

Castle in Medellin

This is Mike...
We went to the Museo El Castillo in Medellin yesterday and had a family picnic on the castle grounds. Naturally the kids loved making all the preparations, packing the picnic bag and setting up the picnic. The kids are still believers in fairy tales so the castle helped them set the stage in their pretend land of witches, princes and the like. There was great music playing in the background which made the experience very romantic. The setting is ideal for a mini get-away for people of all ages.

The entrance to the castle with all the large trees covered in Spanish Moss is spooky.
The kids loved the ambiance this beautiful place created.
This is the first red squirrel we ever saw, she was very friendly and lightening fast.
The view overlooking the city in the valley below.
The large castle grounds are an oasis within the sprawling city of 3 million
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.
The flowers and vegetation live in a perpetual spring as the temperatures are constant year round.
Prepping for the picnic and making sure all is perfect for the meal is a chore these kids like doing.
The kids searched for the perfect location to set up the picnic which ended up being under the shade of a tree and near balloons and beautiful flower arrangements. 
The kids standing near an archaeological ruin to show the size of the carving. 
The carvings have amazing detail considering they are thousands of years old.

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