Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vehicle repair and maintenance in Medellin

This is Mike...
We decided to do some needed repair and maintenance work to the 4Runner while we are here and take full advantage of the Metro de Medellin. Since we are heading to even higher mountains in the near future we also decided to re-calibrate the brakes as well in addition to the regular maintenance. For starters, I had to buy a replacement taillight at Toyota which ended up costing $223. Like any city there are a lot of dealerships but the one dealership with all the connections for older original parts is:
Tuyomotor, Av. Los Industriales Cra. 48 14-230 Medellin, telephone. 381 30 00

For servicing of the vehicle I took the truck to Hercules Goodyear. This place was highly recommended by several people at different locations in town and as I later found out even some dealerships send their vehicles here for work. The price for a complete brake job which including flushing the lines, re-calibration, cleaning, pads and 2 hours of labor was $101. The oil change, new filter, fluids and transmission inspection was $44 for a V6 engine! Here, the owner speaks English and it is a reputable shop. The contact info is: Owner, Sebastian Arriola Dugand,  CRA 50 NRO 32 211 Medellin, telephone. 321 647 8425

For the vehicle damage the body shop we are using was recommended by Sebastian. We have yet to pick up the vehicle from the body shop but the price quoted to repair the damaged sides of the rear end was reasonable at $217. A bigger issue than price is actual quality of the repair, since Sebastian takes his vehicles there I felt confident. Nobody speaks English at the body shop, here is the contact info: Owner, Henry Lopez, HLC-Chrysler, Calle 35 No. 51-36 Medellin, telephone 313 704 1515

The body shop and Goodyear are both only a 4 minute walk to metro station exhibition and a 67 cent train ride anywhere in the city.  
A quality shop with skilled techs is exactly what my truck needed
Catarina is the receptionist at Hercules Goodyear and was really helpful.
Sebastian is the cool owner of Hercules Goodyear. He actually hopped in my car to help me drive over the the body shop so I would not get lost on the crazy roads.
Dropping of my Black Beauty at the body shop

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