Monday, August 17, 2015

It wasn't all easy today

This is Mike...
Today wasn't totally without incident and I did lose my cool. I ordered a fresh made tapioca pudding and sat down at a bench and took off the cellophane wrapping. After that, I was working on freeing my plastic spoon from the paper napkin when looked down and notice Zoe shoving her dirty fingers in the gorgeous homemade pudding. I was mortified and stunned and scolded her in a mean tone, "Get your dirty fingers out of the tapioca." She replied, "I am just trying to remove the raisins because I don't like them."
   After eating the tapioca (and it was delicious) I was still upset at her which made me feel guilty and that made me feel angry at myself, because after all it was just tapioca. I was conflicted for a while and finally admitted it was my fault so I can get closure and move on from this stupid little issue. Parents, and me included, can be neurotic at times when we are upset at our children and today was no exception.    

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