Saturday, August 22, 2015

We arrived in Filandia, Colombia

This is Mike...
We left Medellin this morning and drove to Filandia in the heart of the coffee triangle. The drive started out on the wrong foot with Zoe barfing in a plastic bag after an hour on the curvy roads. We had her switch spots with Elise so she could sit in the front seat for the rest of the way, she liked that better. The drive was the better part of 6 hours. We are staying at a cute B&B called La Gaviota just on the outer rim of Pueblo Filandia. Once we got settled in the kids disappeared for a few hours playing with the newly hatched chicks and their chicken moms. Playing with the animals was exactly what the doctor ordered for our kids.
The kids like playing on the roof rack. In this picture we were packed up to leave Medellin.
Driving on the high mountain ridges is amazing.
There are isolated villages at the bottom of the valley. 
We don't stop at every road side eatery but when we do we make sure a bakery is nearby.
Sometimes these dilapidated places have great and cheap food for the adventurous.
Kids don't need high speed internet they need high speed chickens to catch.
Our B&B has many little spots for guests to prepare their food like this cute cabin.
Nurturing animals can teach kids to be better adults when their time comes.
Now everybody is happy, well except for the mommy chicken looking for her chicks.
The girls made a nest for the chicks but the chicks had other ideas.
The girls liked lounging in the yard between chicken chasing sessions
We found a cool restaurant in town on our first pass through town.
The restaurant had a garden-like set up with soulful Indie music playing in the background.
A colorful potato salad. Now that we are in the Andes we are seeing a lot more potato dishes on the menus. I personally love it because my German parents fed me tons of potatoes while I was growing up.
Fish tacos with fat fresh homemade corn tortillas.
We got in to Filandia on a Saturday afternoon, the town had a good weekend vibe.

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