Monday, August 17, 2015

El Tesoro Mall

This is Mike...
We also went to the Tesoro Mall too as there are a lot of attractions and rides for the kids. Each mall had it's own draw and we could see why they were both busy. The kids enjoyed the carnival like atmosphere of El Tesoro Mall and we even played a few games of Pac Man, a personal favorite of mine. There was another cool aspect about the malls besides what was inside of them, that was the technology used outside in the parking structures. As you pull into the parking lots there are digital signs indicating whether there is parking or not and how much. This is such a cool concept and saves a ton of time driving endlessly in circles looking for a parking space. Hopefully this technology will come to the U.S. one day.     
The kids and Elise went on a Ferris wheel ride to enjoy the views
The Pirate Train went through the park's cool vegetation.
I love seeing the smiles on their faces.
Zoe did the slingshot bouncy ride and loved it.
We did bumper cars and I had to take a picture of the mirror reflection.
Flowers here as well for the flower festival.
Notice the red light over my car and a green light over the empty space next to us indicating parking availability. Because of this hi-tech system we found a parking space in a packed mall on a holiday weekend in less than 1 minute.
The sign above indicates 131 regular spaces and 4 handicap space free and are in real time. The moment we left our space to go home the light turned green. Also, if you forget where you parked all you have to do is type your license plate number into a computer by the elevator and it will tell you where you are parked. 

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