Monday, August 10, 2015

Street food and night shopping

This is Mike...
Something special about Cartagena are all of the little neighborhoods within the old city. We are fortunate that one of the hangouts for guitar soloists is just outside our front door, to the left, about 150 feet away. At night some of the streets get blocked to through traffic and the restaurants move outdoors. The temperatures drop and the mingling begins. This evening we met an Argentinian lady married to a Gentleman from North Carolina. She has been trying to convince him to move from North Carolina to South America for years. I told her, "I believe you chose well in introducing him to Cartagena first." She chuckled and said with a smile, "I know." Well I certainly wish those two the best :)

 The music adds a nice touch to the evening

Shopping for jewelry is a serious affair for the gals.
Decision time is crunch time.
Party at the restaurant upstairs
Early evening is for families and gradually gets busier with young adults as the night progresses.
My favorite is the street food. You can literally eat for $1.50 US.


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