Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shadows of war

This is Mike...
Elise and I have noticed a surprisingly high population of amputees here in Colombia and have recently discovered many are victims of landmines, left behind by decades of war. The indiscriminate nature of those injured is just heartbreaking. Children, women, men, animals absolutely nobody and nothing is safe when it comes to landmines. Though peace has come over most of the country, the rural areas are still heavily mined. Some FARC members (communist rebels) and the Colombian military are working together in landmine removal efforts. The joint effort is in the right direction but is wholly insufficient for the need. Far too many innocent people playing soccer, planting a garden, or strolling with their loved ones looking for berries are seriously maimed or killed.
The Colombians, we have met so far, are the sweetest people looking for good laughs and happiness. Every time we go out over here someone is welcoming us to their country. The people here approach us with overwhelming optimism and warm spirits, which makes it all the worse, that they should be the ones to experience such hell. If you, or your organization, are looking for a worthy way to help others, please consider helping those maimed to walk again.   


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