Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cartagena is a fantastic city

This is Mike...
We landed in Cartagena yesterday and have to say this city is an amazing place. From the moment we arrived we had a good feeling about this place. The vibe of the city is a unique blend of so many cultures. Every time we stopped to take a picture, or shop, or whatever, I kept catching my leg bouncing to the rhythms of the music. Each street had it's own vibe, it's own passion, and it's own emotional tension. Cumbia music on one street mixing with a Joropo beat on another street, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms on yet another street was intense. Even the street food got regional with all imaginable scents wafting in the air, stirring friendly rivalries and stomach juices. It was a fiesta in all manner of the word and best part it was safe and inexpensive for all to enjoy.
Cartagena is a special place for sure. The city is so beautiful that it looks technicolor and it can inspire anybody to want to be a camera pro. Cartagena could not be more idyllic, on the ocean between slow moving waterways. With all the vibrant colors and colonial architecture it feels like this place could be in Disneyland or on a Hollywood movie set. To that point, Elise went out walking tonight and came back with a big smile saying, "This place is great, just great." Right now, we are not sure if we are in the enamored phase or if this city really is something beyond what we are used to. Only time can tell, so between then and now we will slip into the music and let it flow.     
I am so happy that after 25 years I finally made it to South America. Words cannot express how awesome this feels and to share it with my family makes it extra good.
The ornate chalk art on the walls caught the attention of the girls
We liked the street food but Johanna back home makes the best arepas in the world.
As the sun was setting the city came to life.
As we were leaving the old city for the night I had to take a picture of these awesome girls.
Beautiful homes are everywhere.
Each street was more adorable than the next.
There was a holiday and most of the shops were closed
Cartagena houses are noted for their individualized door knockers
A great way to buy fresh fruit, delivered right to you
Some of these homes are nearly 500 years old and as cute as ever
We get up so early even the birds are asleep.
A pirate ship docked in the harbor is a fitting image for this walled city.
The east entrance to the city
The different colors and styles of the buildings work so well in the city

Each street is like a post card.
We road in a horse drawn carriage around the old city.
Canons from a bygone era on prominent display in the old city.
There were lots of street performers but this guy really caught my kids attention.
In the evening, the streets of Cartagena came alive with music and dance
The charming streets were busier during the workweek for sure
Viewing the homes from the second floor provides a unique perspective.
The colonial architecture just blends in so well to their surrounding buildings.
This was my favorite spot with the leather paint look on the walls.
Street after street was this beautiful.
Sierra and Zoe trying to lift the grand entry table of the art center.
There's a Hard Rock Cafe everywhere
The girls hanging out on the city wall.
Sierra and Zoe posing in the shade of a lookout on the wall
The colors of the city are so bold
Looking from out side the wall towards the old city
The city is a colorful pastel paradise

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  1. This place sounds right up your alley. Enjoy!