Thursday, August 20, 2015

Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe

This is Mike...
Today we went to the Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe as well as the Museo Antioquia. The Museo Antioquia houses many works from the famed native born Colombian artist Fernando Botero along with other Latin American artists. For the kids though, the museum proved to be too boring and they wanted to move along. We also saw the amazing architecture of the palacio from inside and out. The kids liked the palace more than the museum because they did not have to be quiet and behind a line for viewing. Traveling with kids reminds me of when I was young and easily bored. I can hardly blame them for wanting to run around and burn off some steam. This brings up another thing, kids like eat and are always thirsty. With the strengthened US Dollar, eating, drinking and doing activities here is cheap, real cheap. For example, we had a great lunch consisting of half a chicken and trimmings, a plate of fries, a large strawberry shake, two bottled waters and three ice cold beers for $7.60. Elise and I really like the affordability of this place. Some people had commented about the great cost of repairing our vehicle but the savings are truly everywhere. Anytime you spend dollars right now you come out ahead. The current exchange rate is about 3000 pesos to a US Dollar.  
A Botero statue of a horse.
The Botero statues are a big tourist draw but we still have not seen many visitors from the US.
The palace stone work is a beautiful sight.
The girls liked the grand staircases made of marble.
The roof top deck made for great pictures of the town and the building's stone work.
Sierra looking down and people watching on the plaza 5 stories below
What a great example of classic architectural styles.
A view of the city and suburbs rising up the mountain.
Zoe was staring down on the square below, lost in thought.
I thought the dome was magnificent.
I started nibbling on this meal when Elise thought I should take a picture (cost $2.30).
Zoe ordered a large shake to cool her off (cost $1.25)
One of the many cathedrals one can see while taking the metro
The square from within the palace was a great place for the kids to horse around.

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