Monday, August 17, 2015

Sante Fe shopping mall

This is Mike...
We lucked out to see the annual flower exhibit at the Santa Fe mall. This event comes one week after the annual Feria de Las Flores, flower festival, of Medellin. The city is about a mile high and boasts Southern California like weather year round. In fact, we have not closed any of our windows in the condo since arriving in Medellin. Being surrounded by flowers and natural beauty everywhere you go is a nice treat. This city continues to surprise us on the upside as it is very cosmopolitan, educated, and wanting to grow. In fact, Medellin is nothing of what we envisioned it to be prior to arriving. Colombia has come a long way since the Cartel days in the 80's and 90's, a very long way. The people here are always smiling to us on the streets, stopping to have a chat, and generally really sweet. We know, as in all big cities, you have to be cautious but beyond that this place is wonderful.
Ground level at the Santa Fe mall is like walking into a football sized greenhouse.
Looking down from the 4th floor is really the best way to capture the majesty of the display.
Such a beautiful display with millions of individually potted plants.
The girls enjoyed the bird's eye view from the 4th floor.
We were all so entranced by the smells and the beauty of the display.
A super modern mall that could easily be in any high end city in the world.
A view to the suburbs from the mall.
The city is clean and cute.

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