Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Saying goodbye is never easy

This is Mike...
Saying goodbye is never easy but is especially hard when it is family. Dani and Daisy left on Monday morning for Medellin. I dropped them off at the bus terminal and when I returned driving down our driveway it felt so empty and lonely. When I went into our cottage Elise was already packed and ready to go. As it turned out, we all felt the void and were happy that Elise decided to move-on the night before. Sierra and Zoe had a lot of fun with Dani and Daisy, it is apparent that the kids benefit from good role models other than their parents. Our kids had the additional task of saying goodbye to their new found kitten friend as well. The kids are clearly missing having a pet to lavish with their affection.
On the final day in Finlandia only the girls went horseback riding as I was pooped.

Sierra had a lot of fun hanging out with the big girls. She even wants to do her hair like Daisy now.

The ride lasted for almost 2 hours and the weather was perfect with clouds

Daisy riding like a pro

Sierra and Zoe shared a horse for the first half of the ride then Zoe got her own horse.
Zoe and Sierra were in heaven with the chickens, kitten, dogs, and injured pigeon.

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