Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gold Museum of Cartagena

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The Gold Museum of Cartagena, also known as Museo del Oro Zenu, is a compact facility housing many rare local pieces of jewelry and art dating as far back as 2000 B.C. The craftsmanship of the items is spectacular considering the indigenous tribes were working without metal tools at the time. So many of these precious artifacts were lost to Spanish smelters making bullion for the Crown of Spain. The world is lucky to have these pieces that were spared from the fires for all of us to enjoy. The Zenu tribes were unique for they had several dynasties of female rule where peace and the arts thrived until Conquistadors came in the 1500s     
Sierra standing in front of burial urns to show how large they were. 
Gold breast plates and other ornamental jewelry
A golden leopard 
More jewelry including ear rings, nose rings and necklaces
Golden statuette
Golden headdress of a prominent ruler
Fashionable pendants of the high ranking women
Animals symbolized virtues for human aspirations
Birds were held in high esteem as they helped humans fly into the afterlife
Amazing detail, it is as if this shaman is watching you

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