Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quiet times between thoughts

Ever had one of those moments where everything seems connected? Today was one of those days for us. We went out to the beach this morning, around 8am like usual, and were taken back by how stunning the ocean was. The colors of the horizon blended in such a way that beginning of the sky and the ending of the ocean blurred. As the sun rose further into the sky, the black sand beach began to shimmer and twinkle more than usual. It was all so perfect. The exaggerated high tide, from the full moon the night before, smoothed out the entire beach like a canvas ready for the art. The ocean was so flat and smooth that the largest ripples in the water were the ones I created trying to photograph the horizon. As with most things, the peace and magic of the moment were fleeting.
   People often ask us, "What is the best thing?" To be honest, expanding the quiet times between thoughts as you're starring into beauty has to rank up there. Best of all, there are many ways to do this, look into your partner's eyes and lose yourself. Look into the embers of a fire and daydream. Whatever you do, remember that it's OK to relax. Exhale, someone loves you.
(dedicated to a friend)
The twinkling shimmering sand was in full display after the Blue Moon high tide
The ripples of our actions...
Where does one begin and the other end?
Sometimes going on your own takes time
It may feel like you are alone but you are surrounded by friends.

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