Sunday, August 23, 2015

Salento Colombia

This is Mike...
Quaint towns where the majority of the people follow a similar theme and architectural expression are where fairy tales become towns. That's how Salento, in the coffee triangle, and arguably one of the more touristy spots earned it's reputation for one of the cutest coffee villages in Colombia. The town felt old western and yet colonial at the same time. We had a blast and hopefully one day you can make the trek here as well. I am certain the Colombians will welcome you, as they do us, with wide open arms.
Walking in the town where all wood is colorfully painted.
A "Willy" taxi for the short distances within the town.
Salento had an almost Alpine village feel about it.
The center of the square with the town cathedral
Even the Banco de Colombia building is festively colored.
It looks old western yet colonial at the same time.
The colors go right up to the verandas and overhangs above.
We bought yummy sugar free and milk free ice cream here.
Older gentlemen stopped visitors in their tracks with the beautiful traditional music. 
The beauty and friendliness of the town will be remembered.
The lucky few enjoying delicious cappuccinos perched above the crowds.
Even inside the buildings, like this restaurant we ate at, are well decorated. A half hour after we sat down for lunch there was not a table to be had.
We had American comfort food - total lunch with drinks and tip $20 
Throngs of mostly Colombian visitors dine, shop and stroll in the quaint village. Some of the visitors take gondola rides (seen in background) for panoramic pictures of the town.

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