Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lleras Park, Medellin

This is Mike...
For our last night in Medellin we decided to do some trendy dining in Lleras Park. We like to go out early in the evening as nights can get too hectic for my family. We also like the Happy Hour deals, like the whole menu 30% off, until 7pm. We ate a fantastic high end dinner with 5 glasses of Chilean wine, entrees, main courses, and a dessert for $48 dollars. This meal would have easily been $150 in the states.   
As the sun starts setting the streets start to brighten up.
After the taxi dropped us off we walked around the park looking for the right spot.
The mild weather is California-esque in the evenings.
We chose this restaurant for our final evening out in Medellin. We are glad we went early because the restaurant was packed by the time we left.

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