Thursday, August 20, 2015

Parque Explora, Medellin

This is Mike...
We took the girls to Parque Explora for some science and history lessons to aid in our homeschooling. The kids liked the exhibits and had fun running around. There was a kaleidoscope walking path that made Elise and I queasy after that we had to lay low for a while and just watch the kids have fun. Nothing makes you feel older than holding a handrail with both hands scooting yourself through a fun psychedelic tunnel. Parque Explora had a number of exhibits including dinosaur, aquarium, amphibian and hands-on field tests among others. We were all exhausted when we left so I guess one could could say it was money well spent. More importantly the girls loved learning new things and that was a bonus for us.
The aquarium had species native or endemic to Colombia.
The girls standing straight up in a sideways cockeyed room.
The dinosaur replicas where cool visual aids to show how big they were.
Sierra is squirting water to hit metal discs to learn about kinetic energy
How could they pass up an opportunity to be eaten by a T-Rex?
Modern art near the planetarium
The university train station is the jumping off point for all the fun.

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