Monday, October 5, 2015

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

This is Mike...
We heard great things about a town called Vilcabamba on our way to Peru, so we decided to stay. This place is something of lore among the expat crowd in Ecuador. To us, it felt like every other person in town was an expat. This was the highest concentration of North Americans and Europeans that we have seen so far on this trip. Vilcabamba is nestled in the lower Andes about 45 minutes (with traffic) from Loja the nearest big town for major supplies, dentists, doctors you know - civilization. We arrived in the town early afternoon and were amazed at the average-ness of the place. We weren't let down, just dumbfounded as to why this place allures expats so. The town square and immediate surroundings cater to the leisure activists, whether it be dining or lounging or quick errands the square was the spot. That was about it for the pueblo. Surely there was more to this place we thought? Nope, nothing else besides other homes drifting up the valley walls. Not much of anything here except plenty of conspiracy theories. We just don't get the allure and that is OK. Everyone deserves their paradise no matter where it is so long as they don't hurt others around them.

Nicely preserved area around the square

The square was safe and full of families late into the evening.

Restaurants and stores surround the square. One can rent an apartment for as little as $150 a month and a home for as little as $250 a month here.

Corner grocery story

Street performers practicing their talents for the evening show

Laid back funky hippy vibe in town

Murial in town

Cowboys resting and having a drink

We stayed and Le Rendezvous while in Vilcabamba

We enjoyed the garden at our hotel

Elise coming down from the upper deck

The outdoor bread oven was awesome

My truck had a great place to park as well

The path to our room was a jungle escape

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  1. I had the same feelings Mike. Took a bus trip to Vilcabamba in Nov 2014 and stayed 2 hours and then back to Loja. It was neat to visit because of all hype.