Thursday, October 15, 2015

Huacachina sand dunes

This is Mike...
We are having a surprisingly good time in this one horse town of Huacachina, population 200. The oasis in the middle of the sand is stunning. Sierra loves it here and is attempting to do all the activities this place has to offer. Going head first, at supersonic speeds down the sand dunes seems to be what she likes the most though. As for Zoe, we are still trying to nurse her back to health so she is laying low in and around our hotel. However, as I am writing this post she is trying to sand board, so hopefully she likes it and can start being a joyful energetic kid again. Stomach bugs suck in the best of times but are even worse when you see you child suffer so much. There were many times that I wish I had the bug instead of her. Thankfully she is making a recovery, though slow, it is still a recovery.    
Driving here in gale force winds on the desert highway

The natural oasis of Huacachina.

The sand dunes tower over the small town.

The view of our hotel's swimming pool under the mountain of sand behind it.

Sierra likes it here so much, maybe she was a Bedouin nomad in her past life.

Vast expanses of sand dunes in every direction.

Wide open spaces in every direction.


  1. Poor Zoe! I can feel for you. Get well soon and you will be tougher from now on with new antibodies to fight things. I can relate. Wife, daughter and I did a bus trip through Chiapas, Mexico and our daughter got sick. She had not, would not use anything but a toilet. The decision had to be made. . . . do it or explode and she did.

  2. Found you on Google Earth. You guys have covered a lot of territory and through a lot of desert. Very interesting. I thought oasis were in the Middle East. Way to cool!

  3. I recommend Tucson. Sunshine! Beautiful affordable homes. University town. Just the right sophistication and size. Mountains. Prettiest desert landscape that I've ever seen. You've seen it before, but look again.