Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ollantaytambo ruins and a cute town

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Ollantaytambo is both a cute town and a site of a massive Inca estate. The construction of the site has many similar features as the other sites in the area but is unique for the well preserved storehouses on a hill overlooking the town. Water was also diverted to become an integral part of the estate. Today, this town is a popular spot for visitors to stay at while in the Sacred Valley as it is the last train station before Machu Picchu. Also, the town itself really dresses itself up nicely to accommodate the tourists.  

One of the water falls the Inca created in the complex.

The stones came from a quarry at the bottom of the hill.

The site is quite large and is at a high elevation.

Precision stonework.

Large stones adorn the hallway to the upper mezzanine

I am still so amazed at the detail on these hard to work with stones.

The six monoliths behind me were moved up the hill from the quarry and each weigh at least 90 tons.

This stone is massive at over 100 tons.

The quarry shows where the rocks came from but nobody knows how the rocks were chiseled from here.

Alpacas still roam the compound freely.

The main entrance into Ollantaytambo

The clean town bustling with tourists.

A short walk gets you anywhere in town.

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