Thursday, October 15, 2015

Paracas and the "other worldly skulls"

This is Mike...
Ever had one of those hmmm moments? Both Elise and I had that experience while at a small museum known for their elongated skulls in Paracas, Peru. The skulls had human-like characteristics but are strangely different. The thickness of the skulls, Volume of the skulls, shape of the skulls, size of the jaws or cheek bones all were extremely unique. To add to the mystery, there are many UFO images seen in pottery throughout the region dating back many hundreds of years. This is another one of those unexplained mysteries we've seen on this trip that will forever be with us.    

The beach just before Paracas National Reserve

Smaller than normal skull with protruding cheek bones and large eye sockets.

A larger elongated skull next to a smaller orb shaped skull.

The skulls here vary dramatically in size

Another orb shaped and much smaller than average size skull.

Inca tools found at nearby sites.

An elongated skull next to a normal skull. Not only was the skull much higher with more volume the jaw bone is more than twice the size.

These skulls are very different to modern human skulls maybe even "Other worldly."

These are inexplicable skulls.

Look at the jaw bone in this picture, it is gigantic.

A tiny skull with enlarged eye sockets.

These skulls have human-like traits but we cannot see how they are true humanoids.

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