Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jaen to Chachapoyas

This is Mike...
We crossed into Peru leaving Ecuador behind and entered a whole new world of experiences. Peru seems different than Ecuador and we just can't explain it. For starters everyone we are bumping into seems to genuinely want to help and are very friendly. In a way their kindness is reminiscent of Colombian hospitality and greatly appreciated on our part. Though we have not seen much of Peru yet we are looking forward to what is in store for us. The major thoroughfares so far have all been paved here and yet it still feels like we are driving on a Dukes of Hazard episode flying through the air. The scenery here is beyond description, a blend of dry scrub and sub tropical plants rising into the mountains. To put it terms that are more understandable, imagine cacti with Spanish moss on them or cacti with bromeliads growing on their branches. It seems like it shouldn't be, but it is, and splendid it was.

The northern portion of Peru is home to many rice fields.

Driving on the road one notices how vast the expanses are.

We drove through rice patties on straight well maintained roads.

Mototaxis are very common in Peru and are a cheap way to get around.

Sadly mother nature is the trash can in the poorer less developed areas.

The cliffs are rocky and home to cacti and scrub brush

Bromeliads were growing all over the drier parched areas which are normally found in wetter areas.

The scenery on the drive was very enjoyable

Rocky cliffs formed such a nice backdrop for the foliage.

The highway was cut right into the mountain.

The water was flowing fast in the rivers.

The greener portions of the mountains are where water is readily available.

The air had an herb fragrance about it

Yes, this is looking down about 200 feet from a one lane dirt road with no guard rail.

Great open spaces

It looked kinda like Colorado yet kinda like Baja California at the same time.

Beautiful cacti some with Spanish moss.

You could clearly see the stratification of the rock layers in this valley.


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