Friday, October 23, 2015

Pisac market and the elusive roasted cuy

This is Mike...
The Pisac market has almost anything one would want and even more things one doesn't need. This is one of the attractions of the area and since it is only a few kilometers from the ruins, why not, right? The people of the market are very friendly and many still dress in their traditional outfits.

A young girl, in traditional dress, holding her little lamb.

Roast guinea pig (Cuy) is a delicacy here ,of which I am prohibited from enjoying. My daughters say I promised not to eat a guinea pig, cat, or a horse while on vacation. I don't know where the cat and horse came from but my kids mean business. I almost ordered a sumptuous, succulent, garden fresh Cuy but the eyes of my daughter could have cut through stone. I guess eating Cuy will go in the lexicon on would haves and could haves for me.
Such a nice establishment, you can even select the lucky buggah for roasting (now that is fresh).

Textiles, ceramics, games, you name it, was here.

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