Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trujillo - just there

This is Mike...
For a tourist there is not much going on in Trujillo except for the pre-Inca ruins and the Plaza de Armas. The city is situated between the Pacific ocean on one side and sand dunes or dry desolate spots on the other. This part of Peru is unappealing to us because it is not so attractive but for farmers these arid lands are all green and beautiful. A lot of water is piped into to this area making it the agricultural basket of the country, similar to that of California's central valley and about as nice looking too.  See the ruins and the beach for a few days and move on is a good approach to this area.

Plaza de Armas

Clean safe square for all to enjoy.

Colorful place with historic charm.

The girls and I really liked the bold colors around the plaza.

During the midday hours the park was very tranquil.

One of the dirty roads leading into Trujillo.

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