Friday, October 9, 2015

Leymebamba museum

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We visited the incredibly cool museum of Leymebamba today which houses real mummies and other amazing artifacts. The kids learned the difference between types of mummies from around the world and possible reasons they were mummified. This amazing collection of artifacts is available for all to see just outside Leymebamba town. Also, as a side note, this town is adorable and it is a better location to stay here rather than Chachapoyas when visiting  Revash or this museum.
Amazing intact artifacts from Laguna de los Condores

Fabulous colorful pottery from between 600 and 900 years ago

This world class pottery was all discovered near the mummies.

Examples of fine wood working were also found near the mummies.

The holes in these skulls show signs of healing and hole closure which mean the early indigenous peoples were doing neurosurgery a thousand years ago. 

A climate controlled room houses dozens and dozens of perfectly intact mummies ranging from infants to adults. The skin, hair, and muscle was perfectly preserved on many of the mummies. There were women and children on display but were too graphic and sad for pictures

Ancient pottery

The mummies were put inside these wood casing as part of their ritual burials.

Exterior picture of the museum.

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